Hi everyone, I am Muriel, I am French, living in Mexico and I am writing this in English, so let´s see how it goes!

If you know me, you already know how much I love to flow my yoga. I would like to share with you where it comes from and why it feels delicious. 

Before yoga, I have a whole background of music and dance. 

I started playing piano at 4 and violin at 5. And I have always secretly wanted to learn saxophone. I started learning how to read music before learning how to read!   Since the beginning, music has been a place for me where I could feel emotions. I believe that any discipline or activity, becomes art when you stop rationally executing it and start using it as a way to express yourself. I am so glad that I felt a way to connect to myself so young. I wish everyone had an activity or a passion that allows them to both be in the present moment and express themselves. Like really express deep feelings that you don’t even know you have. I remember crying while playing piano, without really identifying why. It was just my way to let it out and let go some retained stuffs. It is very liberating to have a place where you can let yourself be. 

Going on this journey eventually leading to yoga, entered dance. 

I feel so alive when I dance it´s crazy. It IS scary crazy, because I have often wondered why the rest of life lacked of flavor. Dancing makes me feel like my soul is on fire. Literally. I can feel that inner energy waking up, growing and coming out while I dance. It empowers me. A lot. But then, the rest of it feels unsatisfying. Dancing is my drug I guess. When you are not using it, everything is less colorful.

So I started thinking a lot about existential stuff. About how there has to be a way to feel that much alive without dancing. 

This is when entered YOGA. 

Piano, Violin and Dancing make me feel alive because they bring me in the present moment for an ( amazing) hour. But Yoga teaches me how to be in the present moment every second of everyday. At first, we use asanas to bring our attention in the moment for just a 1h30 class. But with time, Yoga becomes a way of life, where you can be in the present just by putting your attention to your senses and your breath. 

Then I started to really practice at home. This is when I started to dance my yoga. My home practice has become an artistic moment. Meaning a moment of using my yoga, my body and my presence, to express myself. I put my home-made playlist on and close my eyes. Then intuition drives everything. The key for free flowing is to not contain the body and to move slowly. Sometimes we rush into movement, and we do not have the time to explore it entirely. Flowing is possible when movement never ends. Imagine you are moving in water or in honey, you cannot go directly and quickly from point A to B, you have to create your way between those 2 points. When transitions matter as much as the poses this is when you start to flow.

Then we all agree that when you dance you do not think about your next movement, right? It just happens. Well, when intuitive transitions lead you to the next pose without even thinking about it, this is when you dance your yoga. This is not a trance, because trance implies being in an altered state of consciousness. Dancing your yoga brings you in a fully consciousness state. Let me try to explain with an analogy. You know when you are in Savasana and you stay in this subtle middle place where you are totally relaxed but not asleep? 

You know this place where your body is dead-still and your mind is calm and fully conscious? Dancing your yoga would be the yang to that. Your body is intuitively and actively leading you into movement, and your mind is calm, fully conscious and trustful. I guess the mind appreciate not having to decide what´s next. When intuition leads, there is no big decision to make, so the mind finds peace and enjoys that moment of union. 

Let´s all dance our yoga.

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